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in his career. he voted for the bush tax cuts, unfunded wars for iraq and afghanistan, voted for the unfunded medicare prescription drug benefit. he had a social security privatization proposal. in 2005, the george w. bush administration rejected because it would be too expensive. the transition costs would be in the trillions of dollars. what he found later on, the way he could get these policies taken more seriously, not seen as so radical, was to bring them in under the cloak of deficit reduction, under the guise of preventing a debt crisis, it would be worse than anything he was proposing. but because he's -- but these budgets have sort of deactivated, i think, a lot of normal defenses and skepticism in washington. in washington. because they sort of -- such a broad bipartisan acceptance of the idea you need deficit reduction right now people are willing to accept things they wouldn't normally accept as long as it's called deficit reduction. >> you know, when i listen to him and i listened to chris van holland last week on this show, i'm beginning to realize what's perhap
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of life and whether it worth it. >> former florida governor, jeb bush argues immigration policy should be overhauled to reflect our current economic needs, but also clear enough to enforce properly. this is a little under an hour. [cheers and applause] >> now, our beloved president ronald reagan passed away almost 10 years ago. but as many in this audience now, it seems nearly impossible to follow political news about hearing some reference to her former president. his memory, his name, unfortunately his legacy seemed to be ubiquitous as the challenges of the time. for many readers, probably starting the day after president reagan left office in 1889, there's been a famous question often asked of a particular vexing problem facing our country. you've likely heard it before. read the question is often asked, what would reagan do? is a good question to ask because wild times and technology in many species have changed since president reagan was in office, the important fundamentals, does this speak to where we as americans have not appeared every part yesterday yesterday, governor jeb bu
the abuse scandal. >> reporter: president bush did something never done before. greeted the pope. he told reporters on board that he still has trouble understanding how catholic priests could have molested american children. >> i'm deeply ashamed and can't believe this is possible that this can happen in future. >> reporter: the church has paid out more than $2 billion to settle the cases. >> it's good that there's as many good priests as bad priests. >> reporter: but a man told us the pope's word are not enough. >> despite his apology today that he's going to pray and try to stop it he's continuing to put accused predators in ministry because they haven't been convicted. >> reporter: joey piscateli from s.n.a.p. says some accused priests haven't been convicted because of the statute of limitations. as for the pope meeting president bush. >> i think it's just a political photo op is what they're doing. president bush if you look at his record has done absolutely nothing about the sex abuse crisis. >> s.n.a.p. has much to be angry about because i think we as a church has not responded as h
can agree on george bush deserves no credit for that war. you would never know it from yesterday's white house briefing. i mean jay carney was asked about the administration's reactions to the anniversary. he said, we are glad the war is over, we salute our men and women in the military. a reporter from fox says well, if the iraqi people are better off because saddam hussein is no longer there, you have to give george bush some credit. i almost fell off of my chair. jay carney said, of course we give george bush some credit. no we don't. no we don't. everything george bush said about the reason for starting that war turned out to be a big, fat law. no weapons of mass destruction, no nukes, no navy no air force, no justification for war. yes, our men and women in the military did a good job in iraq. but george bush gets no credit for starting that war in the first place. hey, see you right back here tomorrow. have a good one. >> this is "the bill press show." ♪ theme ♪ >> well, it's day three of the hostage negotiation known as he will's park sit
, because they have been associated with us in the battle is going to be very, very close between bush and major and there is going to be an exchange between the united states and germany which did little to nothing. >> what are you saying? >> i said major and george bush are going to be great friends. >> okay. >> you were right on all three accounts. what did you say? >> george bush by doing so well in the war, which he is going to win quickly will reelect himself. he will not have a republican challenger, pat is not going to run. >> jack? >> a year from now about the time of the first caucus of the primaries, the middle east and this war will be no more than a tenth on the list of issues or concerns to americans. >> so what do you think? >> i think i was wrong twice. when i said we would not run. i said bush would be reelected. pat ran. bush was not reelected. to this day, pat buchanan still sits in the chair. >> right. >> and as long as we are on that. zuckerman, you know, most people don't know, he is in real estate. >> well, yeah, he also owned "u.s. news" and "the new york daily
after screwing things up. george bush celebrated by going to his local dennys dressed in a flight suit and ordering the grand slam breakfast. people have signed a petition objecting to comments on that c in my n perceived as sympathetic to the steubenville rapist. there is a number any rapist can call if they feel the stress. phillip roth is 80 and bob dylan's album was released 51 years ago today. if you're angry about the iraq anniversary, we're all 56 now. ♪ theme ♪ >> i'm john fugelsang. ten years ago the invasion of iraq began. we all know what followed, zambrano hussein's regime was top would u.s. troops found themselves in a quagmire as civil war broke out. the u.s. adopted a counter insurgency strategy. whether it really succeeded is till a matter of intense debate. there is no debate that it prepared the ground for a u.s. pullout, allowing president obama's spokesman jay carney to remind reporters today that this president fulfilled his promise to end the war. >> he fill filled that promise in a way that allowed iraq to have the best possible chance to provide for a better
now former florida governor jeb bush argues the nation's immigration policy should be overhauled to reflect our current economic needs but also should be clear enough to enforce it properly. this is a little under an hour. [applause] >> our beloved president ronald reagan passed away almost 10 years ago. but as many in this audience know, it seems nearly impossible to follow political news without hearing some reference to our 40th president. his memory, his name and fortunately his legacy seemed to be ubiquitous as her country grapples with the challenges of our times. for many years, probably starting with the day after president reagan left office in 1989, there is been a famous question often asked when there is a particularly vexing problem facing our country. things like we have heard before. we the questioners often ask, well what would reagan do? it's a good question to ask because while times and technology and many things have changed since president reagan was in office, some important fundamentals, those who speak to who we are as americans, have not. i believe that o
and suffered a dislocated shoulder. >>> and prepare for the possibility of another bush in politics. george p. bush, that's son of jeb, nephew of george w., grandson of george h.w., is in the running for texas land commissioner. it's his first run for elective office. he's 36 now. but a lot of americans got their first real glimpse of him when he led the pledge at the '88 gop convention. >>> when we come back, george p.'s grandfather, a genuine man of letters, has released his letters. we get to hear them tonight. >>> finally tonight, he is 88 years old, still going, and that means former president george h.w. bush 41 is still writing notes and letters. he has always said it's the way he was raised. it's the right and polite thing to do. many of his letters are in an updated version of all the best, a collection of his correspondence over the years to family and friends and colleagues. well, his granddaughter, nbc's jenna bush hager, recently asked some of them to read those letters. tonight we hear from them and from the former president himself. >> december 12th, 1943. my darling bar. >> my
passionate minority. i was there from the start. i can remember marching, urging president bush to stop the war. i can still remember comforting anti-war activists like cindy sheehan. i met her near president bush's texas ranch. at camp casey. named for her son. he was killed in action in the war. from day one, i didn't agree with the invasion of iraq. but i always knew how important it was to support our troops. especially when they came home. the president talked about it in his state of the union. >> we will keep faith with our veterans. investing in world class care, including mental health care. for our wounded warriors. supporting our military families. giving our veterans the benefits and education and job opportunities that they have earned. >> over 1.1 million americans served in iraq, and over 32,000 returned home with severe combat wounds. it's a big reason why 45% of veterans from iraq and afghanistan are seeking disability assistant. it's a staggering number. the wait time for that help is even worse. on average, it's over 300 days for our newest veterans. our veter
. i saw this one, the war in iraq coming from the first days after 9/11. there were those in the bush administration who saw this as their opportunity. they were helped by war hawks on the outside. the "washington post" op-ped page, the "weekly standard," the new republic" were open billboards for the relentless push toward war. establishment media joining in offering uncritical coverage of the administration line. this is not a good statement about the american press. i'd like to believe my generation, especially those who grow up in maturity to the horror of dishonesty of vietnam would have spoken loudly against the war hawks. few, mostly on the left, did. fewer from the middle. still fewer from the right. what's worse than that in those months of late 2001, 2002, and early 2003 to oppose the war when there was time to stop it, worse yet, the question is motivation, to cause trouble for yourself. even when a whole new vocabulary, wmd, homeland, regime change, freedom fries, coalition of the willing, was being confected and infiltrated into our national dialogue. the mainstream media
marko bio and these bush rubio and these bushes pushing for it. they are panicked and demoralized after the last election. stop panicing republicans. liberal writing the obish rare of the republican party right now remind me of new homeowners at the height of the housing bubble. people announce their complete triumph moments before their crushing defeat. our job -- our job is to ensure democrats have that crushing defeat. thank you and ill take some questions. [applause] >> go ahead. >> do you believe that chris christie should have been invited to cpac this year? >> the nominee? >> chris christie invited to speak? >> oh, did you see his convention speech? >> yes. >> it was really bad. [laughter] i must say, as you know, i have loved chris christie i am a single voter against amnesty so christie is off my list. [applause] our next speaker ted cruz is still on my list. [applause] >> good evening. i'm from ohio. is there any advice you can give us young, vocal, black conservatives for dealing with the liberal mob and will you go on a date with me? [applause] >> yes, absolutely, young man,
. >> reporter: president bush did something never done before. greeted the pope. he told reporters on board that he still has trouble understanding how catholic priests could have molested american children. >> i'm deeply ashamed and can't believe this is possible that this can happen in future. >> reporter: the church has paid out more than $2 billion to settle the cases. >> it's good that there's as many good priests as bad priests. >> reporter: but a man told us the pope's word are not enough. >> despite his apology today that he's going to pray and try to stop it he's continuing to put accused predators in ministry because they haven't been convicted. >> reporter: joey piscateli from s.n.a.p. says some accused priests haven't been convicted because of the statute of limitations. as for the pope meeting president bush. >> i think it's just a political photo op is what they're doing. president bush if you look at his record has done absolutely nothing about the sex abuse crisis. >> s.n.a.p. has much to be angry about because i think we as a church ha
killed this morning in explosions across iraq. that's exactly ten years after then president bush announced the u.s. invasion. most of today's attacks were car bombings around baghdad, including one near major government offices and foreign embassies. we're still getting information in on that in terms of casualties and injuries. elizabeth, you first, ten years later, where are we? well, it's a very difficult anniversary. no one remembers this fondly at all. the iraqis certainly don't remember this well. they're not marking this anniversary at all. i also think that the war changed fundamentally the way the united states thinks about war. look at how reluctant the president is right now to intervene in syria in a serious way. look at how reluctant the pentagon was to go to war to intervene in libya. look at how long the afghanistan wars lasted because of what happened in iraq. we're in a very sober place right now. also, we have to remember, nearly 5,000 american men and women killed in uniform killed as a result of this war. i should also -- i should also tell you, i am at this p
today in president bush's book "decision points" he says he wished he had done immigration before social security, because he thinks there would have been bipartisan support for it before he tried. but it failed mostly because harry reid called a cloture vote. over, some of the issues take a long time to marinate. that that as people thought it through, i think they realize it's not having a good comprehensive immigration policy is hurting us economically and it's not the right thing to do. it's time to solve it. i admire everyone for coming to the table. but i want to make a point. what rand paul is saying is contrast to gang of eight. his idea is security first, legalization and then citizenship. gang of eight put forward legalization, security and then citizenship. that seems like you could find a compromise, but that is a big leap between security and legalization piece and flipping them. >> andrea: what do you think, eric? >> eric: rand paul opened up a can of whoop-ass on the hill and they were flooded with calls say dog you care to weigh in on rand paul's idea? he threw people for
/11, as president bush and vice president cheney and others had emassed that they started building a case for war and the media all too often acted as an echo chamber. >> we don't want the smoking gun -- >> there's no question but saddam hussein and they will welcome as liberators the united states when we come to do that. >> the white house hopes to call for a vote on the deadline resolution early next week. if it passes, then by march 17th as a senior official, saddam hussein will finally be out of final opportunity. even if it doesn't pass, the president has left no doubt that he's ready to go to war. >> this is fox news and fox news channel continuing coverage of the campaign which now has begun to liberate and disarm iraq. >> joining us now, rajiv chandrasakaren and mark thompson who covers national security and military for "time" magazine and fred francis, the founder of rajiv, didn't most of the media get rolled during the bush administration during this run-up to war? >> a lot of critical reporting out there. make no excuses for it. but i think it's a little too simpplist
accepting of what the bush administration was claiming. so a good example would be, and not everybody is as discerning as you are, a good example, front page story in "the washington post," use that as an example, could be anybody else. today president bush said saddam hughes and is working with al qaeda. he is here, this is the story, and they quote an unnamed analyst because they can't speak openly, who would say we have no evidence to back this up. >> and i would seize on that. >> you would seize on it, put on a show if you have a show at the time. but the general thrust of the matter is you worked in congress, you know that a lot of congressmen and senators don't get past the headlines, we should take what bush says with more weight. the thrust of the story should have been president bush said something, contradicted by his own government and that should have been the lead, the fact he was saying something that wasn't proven. again and again and again. colin powell, that speech he gave february 5th, 2003, everyone remembers that, you know -- >> swayed a lot of people. >> swayed a
're nostalgic, until even a bush -- what happened that they're so far right that the republican party has no sense of what the mainstream is concerned about? >> this is one of those problems when you don't have a clear leader. when there was president bush, he never got credit from liberals at the time, but he was keeping a lid on this stuff. bush was a believer in a lot of kemp. his passion in addition to conservativism was derived from kemp. without that, first there were no leaders and you just had the tea party movement rising up and and then a lot of these leaders are in the conservative house district mostly. so you end up without someone to lead them and say, look, i talked to people outside our group, and these certain things are deal-breakers for them. i know it sounds great when you're talking to each other, but pre-bus did address this a little bit. he talked at the i had logical cul-de-sac that republicans were driving around in where they never stopped to hear what other people were thinking. so it's important to go to these groups and go, why don't you tell me why you aren't
retroactively. and george bush and dick cheney and condoleezza rice are still around. in terms of how we get right with this as a country, the accountability can't just be personal about the decision makers. it has to be about telling the story honestly about what happened so that they, like nixon, don't get away with it in the long run the way they got away with it in the short run, so we tell the story correctly and honestly, so it's not dismissed as a conspiracy theory by generations hence by americans who can't believe something this evil would happen in our country. it did. we need to teach it that way and learn it that way if we want to have any hope of it not happening again. in american politics there were plenty of democrats who went with the iraq war ten years ago, who believed it, and made it more convincing by virtue of their democratic endorsement. on the democratic side that at least as since become a source of shame. it's a strike against you in democratic politics. it's part of the reason we have a president named president obama who was not part of that mess and not hillary
. another terrible day in baghdad. the anniversary of george bush's announcement that america was at war with iraq. 55 people killed. more than 200 wounded. very hard to see that there is anything but chronic instability and continued hideous bloodshed there. what is your take? >> it's such a tragedy really the way things have unfolded in iraq. just looking at iraqi faces, seeing how pale they had become. we are hearing after one attack after another. people's voices actually began trembling. this is violence that, first of all, the iraqis never even imagined would end up being the outcome of america's war in iraq. so many of them hoped and dreamed they would have true freedom, democracy, that their horizons would be open. they have dealt with everything, all of the violence that wrecked this country over the past ten years. to be reminded of it again on the tenth anniversary shocked people and completely and totally devastated them, piers. >> it comes of course as the crisis in syria reaches what could be a tipping point where there are reports that president assad, although still uncon
, whether it is mr. bush, mr. cheney, anyone who served in war would've known right off the bat or should have known these guys never served in war and we got the outcome that we did. host: you served in the first gulf war? correct. caller: there were two different strategies. the first, the iraqi invasion of kuwait. a country about the size of new jersey. over 700,000 troops to kick them out of the country. 500,000 of those troops were coalition troops. you are talking a whole different ballgame when you are talking about removing an army from a country as opposed to invading and occupying. those are two different kettles of fish. host: veteran from ohio. brenda in memphis, tennessee. i make aes, may comment first? . am a former u.s. marine i was a staff sergeant during the vietnam era. i want to say this much. they are talking about us going when our country is struggling. they want to cut support on social security. if you look at the ryan budget, it is a budget that is totally on steroids against the poor. i don't understand why we don't rebel -- now, let's talk about iraq. iraqi is a
couple of years? especially as you have folks like jeb bush and chris christie. trying to move the country to more moderate and progressive in the lower-case "p" sense of the word. >> in covering ron paul, who of course rand paul is going to inherit the energy and enthusiasm from ron paul, you saw the biggest crowds, the most diverse crowds and the youngest crowds. that's what rand paul is going to capitalize on. should he run and it looks like he will run. i think over the last months and weeks you've seen obviously a split between the establishment and the tea party folks. rubio can't decide which one he is. rand paul, however, is very, i think solid and comfortable with his brand and who he is. it's part of ron paul, he's modified a little bit in terms of foreign affairs and international affairs. but i think he is a comer and folks in the republican party i talk to really like him. they think he's the person who can really intellectualize a tea party in the way that ron paul couldn't. he was a little meandering on the stump. they like what they see in terms of rand paul. an
, too many on the right still don't get it. ten years ago tonight president bush announced the u.s. had started bombing iraq. he did this despite the millions of us who marched in the streets demanding that he stop beating the drums of war. the bush administration sold the war using the worst kinds of falsehoods and fearmongering. >> but we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. >> the checks alleged that the attacker met in prague with a senior iraqi intelligence official. >> iraq recently sought significant quantities of uranium from africa. >> bush and his crew misled america about virtually every aspect of this war. >> my belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators. >> we're dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon. >> in the battle of iraq, the united states and our allies have prevailed. >> mission accomplished turned into a national tragedy. with unimaginable costs. nearly 4,500 americans were killed in the war. over 32,000 americans were wounded. left maimed or crippled by bush's war. in 2002 before the war be
is wrong then and he is wrong now. deficits matter. anyone who supported the bush has no business talking about debt. [booing] i helped bill clinton balanced the budget and built a surplus because we had good economic times. good economic times should pay down the deficit as clinton did but to reagan and bush did not. in bad times you have to stimulate and the airtime as president obama is doing. it is like listening to lectures on hygiene from type 40 -- typhoid mary. is more important to america's pursuit of happiness? which is more dangerous to america's pursuit of happiness? eight 350 format before a 44 ounce big gulf. if you come to my house, you would find guns but no cans of soda. i have the right wing position on the giant drink soda thing. i do not like the idea. idea of thee the government telling me what size soda i can drink. i am with tucker and probably most of you. i have the right wing position on gun safety. i have the same as ronald reagan who was for a waiting time before you buy a gun. the same as george w. bush he was for a ban on assault weapons. the same as when lap
.s. launched a war in iraq. here's how george w. bush broke the news on march 19th, 2003. >> my fellow citizens, at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq and free its people and defend the world from grave danger. >> within a month, baghdad had fallen, but the war dragged on. casualties spike in subsequent years and in early 2006, the bombing of a mosque led to a wave of sectarian violence. president obama vowed an exit strategy to fulfill a promise and ended the mission before christmas, 2011. richard engle was there. >> after invasion, a civil war and a surge and a training mission, for the first time, u.s. military command no longer has a presence here in iraq. this is now a sovereign nation. >> richard spent eight years in iraq. he is in another key part of the region in israel. he is waiting for president obama who arrives in jerusalem tomorrow morning. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> i want to ask you, we sit here ten years later and you spent a tremendous amount of time in that part of the world. what is our standi
in the state of text, which is just unbelievable. >>> up next, another bush jumps in, speaking of texas. >>> and still ahead, what does the death of hugo chavez really mean for the united states? we'll take a deep dive and see how a new landscape in latin america could present new opportunities for president obama if he chooses to take them. >>> but first, today's trivia question. which president's only international trip was to a latin american country? first person to tweet the correct answer @chucktodd and @dailyrundown will get the on-air shout-out. the answer and more is coming up on "the daily rundown." my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side
was wrong. he was wrong then and now. of course deficits matter, but any one of you who supported the bush plans has no right to speak. i helped bill clinton balance the budget and build a surplus. why? because we had good economic times. in good economic times, you pay down the deficit, but reagan and bush did not, and in bad you have to stimulate in the near term, as thank god president obama is doing. we democrats will balance the budget once again. >> paul, which is more important to america's pursuit of happiness -- which is more dangerous, excuse me, than a 357 magnum -- >> in my home you would find 17 guns and no cans of soda pop. i have the right wing position on the giant drink soda thing. i do not like the idea, and i think bloomberg is a fine man, but i do not like government telling us what size to buy today. this one, i am with tucker and most of you. i have the right wing position on gun safety. i have the same position as ronald reagan, who was for a waiting period before you buy a gun. i have the same position as the president of the nra before he flip-flopped in the last f
is on your promises. they were good ones. watch what happens. you will be heroes. jeb bush, about the proposed tax increases of yours. apparently you did not get the memo that when republicans agreed to cut -- when republicans agree to raise taxes if democrats agree to cut on hisg, one side promise and the other always breaks it. maybe you need to do some research on what happens to bush family members that raise taxes. the you have national aspirations? -- d you have national aspirations? , you ran andonald won as a fiscal conservative. you leave virginia with the largest tax increase in our history. i wish we had never elected you. do you have national aspirations? in your case, forget about them. and then there karl rove. year last year. it happens. we all have bad years. it just so happens that he had the worst political year in the history of man with the worst investment returns since the stock market crashed in 1929. so what did he do? take responsibility? consultantpolitical decided to blame us instead. it was not hard to do. they never work and service. these are the mode
resumes in washington, d.c., a meeting known as cpac. last night former florida governor jeb bush delivered a blunt message to his fellow republicans. >> way too many people believe republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker, and the list goes on and on and on. many voters are simply unwilling to choose our candidates, even though they share our core beliefs, because those voters feel unloved, unwanted, and unwelcome in our party. >> for more on that, as well as the latest from the president i'm joined by amie parnes, white house correspondent for the hill and ed o'keefe congressional reporter for "the washington post." look, guys, tell me what you're thinking about what you're hearing from jeb bush? first up to you, ed, do you think he's got an eye on 2016? because it's like he's pleading with conservatives to change the course of the party. so if that's the case, how do you think that's going to be received inside the gop? >> i don't think anyone who is selling the book, and you know, otherwise has not much else to do, would show up at cpac i
. president george herbert walker bush was said to describe a photo session as a modified limited photo op sans statement. the opportunity to be photographed under favorable conditions is key. sometimes the opportunity the press corps is being given to capture as people is more about the event. bigger than the individual photos. sometimes a group of leaders willing to seen together and have a picture snapped is what makes an indelible mark on history. in 1979, the carter administration managed it put together this photo opportunity with sadat and beghan. israel ended 30 years of war through a peace treaty brought together by carter. years later, bill clinton sought to reenact. israeli prime minister took the hand of yasser arafat. as president clinton said at the time, it was the peace at the time. president obama will have a handshake between the leaders, we know this trip will not have that kind of photo finish. from the looks of the itinerary, it will be tourism more than diplomacy. the tour is filled with stops at some of the popular destinations. the church of the nativity in bethlehe
of the last 11 presidents, bush, clinton, carter and nixon, visited israel during their presidencies. both nixon and bush waited until their second term to make their trip. >>> so enough with the real news. let's gather round the water cooler with lewis. what have you got for us? >> we've never done this together. >> making tv history right now. >> did you have a good st. patrick's day weekend? >> it was nice, low-key. >> no guinness, no green beer? >> just the shot of the empire state building, green this morning. i forgot to wear green. what about you? >> i had a great time. >> you're still here early. >> yes. >> looking fresh, ready to go. >> here we go. the first story, the race is on in new york to replace three-term mayor michael bloomberg. there's over a half dozen candidates, even former congressman anthony weiner is exploring a bid. there's interest coming from the west coast, twitter co-founder jack dorsey is thinking about throwing his hat in the ring. the 36-year-old billionaire told "60 minutes" he's serious about moving to new york and running for mayor. >> what i love about
anniversary of the invasion of iraq. a war that was ordered by president george w. bush, a war that the current president has said should never have been authorized. but in marking the anniversary, the president issued this statement. "we honor the memory of the nearly 4,500 americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to give the iraqi people an opportunity to forge their own future after many years of hardship." for the latest, let's go to nbc's kristen welker live for us at the white house. senators lindsey graham and john mccain have just issued a statement warning that if the use of chemical weapons is verified, then the united states must take immediate action. i have to ask you, kristen, how is the white house responding to these disturbing reports out of syria? >> reporter: well, they are quite concerned about the reports out of syria, martin, and i have to tell you, there are still a lot of question marks. the white house making the point that they are looking into the allegations that chemical weapons were used in syria. as you pointed out, the government is pointing fin
're talking obama versus bush. >> i'm talking about the real government, wall street, the banks, the corporations that made $2 trillion is what we spent on the iraq war. who made that money? soldiers in the field? no, i don't think so. this is always about the people who have the purse strings and the politicians who are bought off by them, and so if they come on now and tell me anything about this, you know, ahmadinejad is building a bomb, really? well, i'll believe it, you know, when he walks in a room with it and shows it to me. frankly that's really how much i would not trust anything being said by the military industrial complex of this great country. >> when you see what happens in just today in baghdad, 55 people killed if i think 17 different bombings, two other assassinations took place, 200-plus people wounded. that's a typical day in baghdad. >> that's right. >> over the last few years. >> that's right. >> i mean, this is not peace. >> right. >> this is not democracy. >> this is not freedom. >> right. >> what is it? >> what it is is -- first of all, we set this thing
it's in a sustainable place. >> the problem is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years, is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents, number 43 add ed $4 trillion by his lonesome. so we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman, and child. that's irresponsible. that's unpatriotic. >> this week he is not going to balance the budget. we don't have a debt crisis, we're headed to $17 trillion in debt under his watch. what happened that's irresponsible and then patriotic? what happened. i want to hear your best spin. go. >> there's no spin. we have a disagreement about the speech from the campaign, which was about why it's unpatriotic to blow your emergency fund when there's not an emergency. >> the credit card to the bank of china in the name of our kids. >> that's the whole point. we had gone through the 2000 with relative prosperity. that's not the time to blow your reserve fund. >> maybe you forgot
, but the results are -- we have seen under republicans, whether their names are bush, whether their names are clinton or obama, this government increases in size. and not hearing a clear call from the republican party. how they differentiate because you talked about lower taxes, yet the republican leaders in washington just exceeded to $600 billion in new taxes. and offered up, apparently, 800 to begin with. and the president is still encouraged by their generosity to be seeking another trillion. >> well, let's get back to the facts. you know, -- lou: well. well. wait. we. wait. i can let you say that without you explain what you did not mean to say that what i said was not factual. >> oh, no. you did not talk about all the facts. lou: oh, okay. >> the republicans have one house of congress. democrats and the other house of congress. they had a choice. they could have voted to let everybody's taxes go up. the fiscal cliff. or because they could not get the votes to keep nobody's taxes from going up, their choice was, we let everybody sexes go up or do we decide to percent of the people's
is, is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from 5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added 4 trillion dollars by his lonesome so that we now have over 9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> bill: well, here is president obama earlier this week being asked about the national debt approaching 17 trillion dollars. >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact, for the next ten years, it's going to be in a sustainable place. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. >> bill: joining us now from lower manhattan dr. mark lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. i mean, this is rich, this is really rich, pardon the pun. so-- wait, wait, wait. i'll give you plenty of time so then senator obama is complaining about bush adding 4 trillion to the national debt in eight years. presid
was done with the same gun, with the bush master ar-15 assault rifle. 30-round magazines. after shooting his way in and killing the principal and the school psychologist after wounding the two teachers, he then went to the classrooms. the first classroom he came to was katelyn's classroom. the door to that classroom was closed when he got to it apparently because she'd heard the noise and closed her door. "the current" reports her classroom window was also covered up so the gunman could not see in. quoting from "the current," sources say that sandy hook elementary had only weeks earlier had a lock down drill and that she had not taken down the piece of black construction paper that teachers are instructed to place over the small window in the classroom doors so that no one can look in. and so the gunman went past that classroom. kept going, into the classroom where lauren russo was the teacher. in that classroom, he killed the teacher and all but one of the students. the students, the first graders were all found together in the same corner of the room apparently trying to get into the c
of george w. bush that says it stops with me. what went wrong is because of the cam pape, not because of this. that message resonateed. a true lead they're wanted to serve. he could have made a big impact especially when it comes to the economy. and the fiscal crisis that we face. >> dana: i think enough time had passed. i don't think that mitt romney, maybe he would not have gotten a great reception in december. but here we are in march, the weather is about to get better. people start to realize wait, we have a future as a party. they had a good cpac so far. do you think it was important for him to say i'm sorry, i will not be your president, thereby saying w in an interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." he is not going to run again. >> bob: that is clear. one thing, it reminded me when mondale, we lost 49 out of 50 states. we went before a large liberal group like cpac on the left. and i was terrified. i thought we'd get booed. he got a rousing reception. people don't want to rub it in. the guy lost. romney supports in the room. just like his concession speech. i'll say
beginning we created the balanced budget act of 1997 and it was during the bush years of spending multiplied now by the obama years that we have the mess. my difficulty with the tea party freshmen isn't the true passion. they are an important part of the republican party. at the end of the day you have to govern. just saying no doesn't get you anything and create these falls crises. you can get past the false crises if you work something out. it doesn't mean sur renning principle. working together in a way that you get 60% of what you want. >> you have to go back. i don't think the tea party has created the budget crisis. we came in with members and tried to do something about it. i remember a day when april 15 is when the house and senate had to pass a budget resolution. i remember when they had to reconcile the 13 appropriations bills and a day when the president actually had to introduce his budget and today we don't do any of that stuff and that is how we got to the $16 trillion and there is something rational about standing on the tracks and saying we can't do this any more we have to d
:16:00 p.m. eastern, president bush addressed the nation from the oval office. >> my fellow citizens. at this hour, american coalition forces are in the early stage of military operations to disarm iraq, free its people and defend the world from great danger. >> bret: since that time, 1.5 million american troops served inside iraq. nearly 4 ,500 were killed there. more than 32,000 american troops were wounded in iraq. more than 100 iraqis died in the fighting. more than a year after american troops left iraq is still bloody battlefield. today, as we said, series of apparently coordinated bombings. death toll is 65. could still rise. david is an international lawyer with the d.c. firm patton boggs and used to be head of the rule of law for the state department inside baghdad. he returned there this week to work on investment project and really spent the day trying to stay safe. he joins us now by phone live in baghdad after leaving his hotel due to the danger of the bombing attacks. dave, thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about today? >> thanks, bret. the ten-year anniver
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